A collaboration between Convergence, Digivangelism, and The Riverside Church.

We need digital ministry leaders today…

As we enter the third year of a worldwide pandemic we continue to realize that digital ministry is real ministry and it is essential for the future of the church in our world. As faith leaders we can naively hope to return to “the way things used to be” or we can intentionally and strategically create digital ministries that engage our congregations and the world around us with the good news of love and justice. The Digital Ministry Summit provides an in depth look at hybrid worship, online church, virtual community, and more. Through interviews with leading digital ministry faith leaders, the Digital Ministry Summit equips faith leaders and congregations with the ideas, inspiration, philosophy, and theology to start or enhance the digital ministry in your context.

Join us for this five day summit, learn with over two dozen leading digital ministry experts, and explore new possibilities for digital ministry, hybrid worship, and online church in your context.

The Digital Ministry Summit is for you if…

  • You want to learn the “how to” and the “why to” of digital ministry.
  • You want to hear best practices from digital ministry leaders.
  • You want to create a sustainable digital ministry for your congregation.
  • You want to improve your online/hybrid worship experience.
  • You want to proclaim the good news of love and justice by any media necessary.

Featured Voices &

Conversation Partners

Bethany Peerbolte

Associate Pastor at Everybody's Church

TikTok Pastor (@RevBethany)

Bruce Reyes-Chow

Author, Pastor

John Dorhauer
General Minister and President for The United Church of Christ
DJ Soto

Bishop of the VR Church

Brian McLaren

Author, Speaker, Pastor, and Public Theologian

Sammy Kelly


Jim Keat

Director of Online Innovation at Convergence

Digital Minister at The Riverside Church

Dave Adamson

Social Media Pastor, author of Meta Church

Michael Livingston

Interim Senior Minister at The Riverside Church

Michele Barra


Joseph McBrayer

YouTuber & Pastor at Oak Grove UMC

Natalie Renee Perkins

Digital Minister at Middle Collegiate Church

Timoth Sylvia

Senior Pastor at Newman Congregational Church

TikTok Pastor (@revtimoth)

Shamika Klassen

Founder of the Tech Chaplaincy Institute

Hannah Siegmund

Pastor a Different Church

TikTok Pastor (@diffchurch)

Dani Hobbs

Co-founder of re.coalition

Kristen Raves

Director of Communications at St. Luke's UMC

Jason Moore

Author of Both/And: Maximizing Hybrid Worship Experiences for In-Person and Online Engagement

Sarah Williams

Co-founder of re.coalition

Heidi Campbell

Professor of Communication at Texas A&M

Author of Digital Religion

Keith Anderson

Pastor at Upper Dublin Lutheran Church

Author of The Digital Cathedral

Rachel Kessler

Chaplain at Kenyon College

TikTok Pastor (@NerdyPriest)

Jason Chesnut

Creator of ANKOS Films

Co-founder of The Slate Project

Nathan Webb

Pastor at Checkpoint Church

Brandan Robertson

Author, Activist, and TikTok Preacher


Karyn Wiseman

Professor of Homiletics
at United Lutheran Seminary

Cameron Trimble

Author, Pilot, and CEO of Convergence