Beyond Binary

Kimi Floyd Reisch

Taught by Minister Kimi Floyd Reisch (they, them), this session introduces the diversity of experience beyond sexual and gender binaries, including transgender, two-spirit, nonbinary, bisexual, and pansexual people. It will explore the science of gender and sexuality, and introduce people to the long history of gender and sexual diversity that existed in the world prior to the colonial era. Stories of nonbinary children and adults, and discuss the growing number of children and youth who are authentically themselves will be highlighted, along with a short response to the wave of harmful legislation being enacted by state assemblies around the country. Attendees will learn action steps for their congregation including how to start using pronouns, how to change church documents to reflect all families or individuals, and how to work as advocates on behalf of transgender and nonbinary people challenging state assemblies. The initial session will be a recorded “TedTalk” style introduction to the presenter's webinar on this topic with a question and answer time during the scheduled workshop session.

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