Trauma: How the Church Can Support Healing

David deBardelaben-Phillips and Bentley deBardelaben-Phillips

Trauma knows no boundaries. Individuals of all ages, ethnicities, religions, genders, and social economic status experience trauma. With a world filled with trauma, it is clear there is a struggle to meet the millions in need of trauma healing. One “organization” who might be situated to respond to trauma is the church, but is the church prepared? Is she willing to understand the origin of trauma and participate in the healing process? In this workshop, participants will learn to understand what trauma is and its origin. Participants will learn what happens in the body when someone experiences trauma and how their body reacts to life events after having been exposed to trauma. Participants will also learn simple techniques and tool that can support the healing process of trauma survivors. Finally, participants will be provided with resources that can be shared with others who need professional support on their healing journey.

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