Sustainable Investing for Churches and Non-Profits: Using Financial Resources to Help Create a Just World

Matthew Illian, Matt Wagner, Stacey Pettice, and Rev. Dr. Charles Buck

Hosted by the investment professionals of United Church Funds, the trusted investment partner to more than 1,100 churches, judicatories and organizations of the United Church of Christ, cumulatively managing over $1 billion in assets, this workshop will seek to define and highlight opportunities for churches and non-profit organizations to engage in sustainable investment strategies. Participants will receive actionable guidelines to create comprehensive investment plans that align competitively performing portfolios with justice-focused lenses on environmental, social and governance issues. For church and non-profit leaders who want to learn more about how investment assets and strategies can positively impact our world, this workshop taps into the deep experience of United Church Funds to address how your church or organization can make a difference.

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