Transformational UCC Ministries for a Just World

Rev. Noel Andersen, Rev. Marcy Gansler, Rev. Sekinah Hamlin, Andy Lang, Rev. Sarah Lund, Rev. Michael Neuroth, and Rev. Brooks Berndt

Did you know that the UCC has eight church designation programs that seek a just world for all? They include Accessible-to-All (A2A), Creation Justice Churches, Economic Justice Movement, Global Mission Church, Immigrant Welcoming, Just Peace, Open and Affirming, and W.I.S.E. There is now an online portal that brings all of these programs together under the banner of UCC Just World Covenants. Because the multiple forms of justice covered by these programs intersect, it makes sense that they be presented together as opportunities for ministry. The UCC’s covenant programs offer multiple ways for congregations to grow in spirit and vitality in the pursuit of justice. This workshop will introduce each of the designation programs. It will additionally lift up the voices and examples of congregations who have experienced the transformation brought about by participating in them.

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