Communications Justice: How to Get Affordable Quality Broadband for All Locally & Nationally

Cheryl A. Leanza, Paolo Balboa, Kimberly Vasquez, and Rev. Robin Bartlett

Social justice, communications justice and affordable access go hand-in-hand, and in no time has this been more clear than during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. While the UCC’s 60-year-old media justice ministry has been working on these issues for decades, their importance is more evident than ever before. This year, the UCC and its allies were successful in persuading Congress to adopt a new $50/month subsidy ($75 on tribal lands) to help low-income families purchase broadband. And local churches and activists have been on the ground finding solutions to their needs. Come listen to a student organizer who successfully pressured Comcast to increase speeds in its low-income low-cost broadband product. A local church in Massachusetts helped children to go to school and use the church wi-fi in order to provide them access to broadband internet and remote learning. And national networks, like the National Digital Inclusion Alliance, can help local communities ensure digital equity and inclusion for all. Join this workshop to see models at work and learn how you can ensure low-income families have access to the technology they need to succeed as the pandemic hopefully subsides, and beyond.

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