Ecumenical Responses to the Pandemic of Racial Injustice in the United States

Rev. Mark Pettis, Rev. Aundreia Alexander, Rev. Jim "Bear" Jacobs, Rev. Liddy Barlow, and Rev. Dr. David Lindsey

The past year has witnessed new light being shone on the racial injustice that plagues our nation. On the front lines of the effort to engage with and seek action on this important issue, ecumenical and interfaith organizations on all levels have been working tirelessly.

This panel, moderated by Rev. Mark Pettis, UCC Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations Manager, will feature ecumenical and interfaith leaders representing organizations on the local, regional, and national levels that have prioritized responding to the pandemic of racial justice in our nation in the ongoing work of their institutions. A specialized focus for this workshop will be an exploration of how the ecumenical and/or interfaith nature of these organizations brings life to their work around the issue of racial justice.

Panelists include Rev. Aundreia Alexander of the National Council of Churches, Rev. Jim "Bear" Jacobs" of the Minnesota Council of Churches, Rev. Liddy Barlow of Christian Associates of Southwest Pennsylvania, and Rev. Dr. David Lindsey of the Interfaith Council of Metropolitan Washington (D.C.).

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