Multicultural Interfaith Couples and Social Change Agency

Rev. Dr. Tanya Sadagopan and Erin & Arpit Patel

Interfaith dialogue can inspire social change as well as deepen our own faith experiences. Multicultural interfaith couples understand first hand the complexities of intersectionality and discrimination. What if social change leadership could come from an often-overlooked part of our communities? This research suggests that Multicultural interfaith couples are an untapped resource for social transformation. What might inclusive ministries look like if we did not fear the interfaith family? In this workshop learn how a local congregation can welcome multicultural interfaith families, and invite them to share the skills and gifts for leadership they already possess. Hear from Wisconsin UCC Minister and researcher Rev. Dr. Tanya Sadagopan about the 56 multicultural interfaith couples she surveyed from around the world. Meet one of the 7 multicultural interfaith couples she interviewed in depth about their own challenges and ways that they make a difference in their community. Join us for this engaging workshop on what multicultural interfaith couples have to teach us about biases of race, class, culture and religion in our communities and congregations and ways we can turn those challenges into blessings.

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