Beyond Potlucks and Panels: Interfaith Dialogue for a Digital Era with Sofa Spirituality

Rev. Liddy Barlow and Rabbi Ron Symons

The pandemic’s physical isolation has only exacerbated the spiritual isolation that affects so many people in our communities. More than ever, we need opportunities for genuine connection across all dimensions of our diversity. What if we could make those connections ... from the comfort of our own sofas?

Come experience Sofa Spirituality, a 21st century platform that invites people of all backgrounds into dialogue about the varied spiritual traditions of our neighborhoods and beyond. Short interviews with spiritual leaders from all faiths are followed by 45-minute live dialogues in which people can connect in conversation about our own experiences, our fascinating differences, and our shared humanity. These conversations are both a window into another person’s spirituality and a mirror to reflect on our own.

This session will include samples of videos and dialogues along with conversation about customizing Sofa Spirituality for your congregation or organization. Rabbi Ron Symons and Rev. Liddy Barlow are eager to partner with you free of charge to meet the needs of your local church, neighborhood ministerium, interfaith network, or other setting. We saved a seat for you on the sofa – come join us and learn more!

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