This Longest Night Worship Service, created and produced by The Many, is free to YOU to download and share with your communities.
This is a gift from the National Setting to our Local Church partners - clergy, lay leaders, conference staff, and anyone who has need of a sacred space to observe the Longest Night.

About The Many

The Many is an indie folk/gospel, liturgically-grounded new kind of worship band, an intentionally diverse collective, creating music for people who want to do justice, love mercy, walk humbly, and follow the Jesus who so loves the world. Featuring singers/worship leaders Darren Calhoun and Leslie Michele, and singer/songwriter Hannah Rand, The Many’s music is crafted for people to sing together…in congregations, small groups…wherever people gather to pray, imagine, hope for and work towards a new day where love and mercy win.

What is the Longest Night?

The Christmas season is often marked by expressions of joy, excitement, and happiness. It’s a time for family to gather and for churches to worship pointing to the hope that is found in the coming of the Christ child. However, this time of joy and expectation can often overshadow the pain and hurt many experience during this season, when the world's merriment puts their grief and sorrow in start relief.

This worship service is scheduled around the winter solstice (the longest night of the calendar year) and it just happens to fall on or around December 21st every year.

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