Over the years, close to 12,000 people have been trained to facilitate one or more grade levels of Our Whole Lives. You are joining a community of adults dedicated to providing quality, values-based comprehensive sexuality education to youth and teens.

The goal of this training is to prepare you to implement Our Whole Lives curricula for the levels of the training for which you signed up, as well as their Sexuality and Our Faith components for the United Church of Christ and Unitarian Universalist settings. The information about Sexuality and Our Faith will prepare you to help people consider sexuality in the context of their own values and beliefs. We have found over decades of doing this work that this training helps people gain confidence in their ability to facilitate the program, and they become even more comfortable with experience.

This is a facilitator training, not a deep dive into the curriculum. You will use the curriculum during the training, and are encouraged to read through it before we meet together, so that you can bring questions and share insights with your peers and your trainers. During the training, we will not go over each workshop and activity in detail; rather we will focus on helping you assess your comfort with the subject matter, build skills, and embody the Our Whole Lives values and assumptions into your facilitation.

In this Training Model, the bulk of the material and experiences in the course will be covered in-person. The portions in this platform are important foundational material that you must complete before our first in-person gathering.

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Course Units


"One parent gave me a hug and thanked me for introducing Our Whole Lives into the church. Another was near tears as she told me how excited she was that we would be offering the Our Whole Lives program, how impressed she was by it, how important it was to be doing this, and so pleased that her children would be in the program. Another just said, 'Look, you can tell how moved I am, I am trembling.'" (Pastor)

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. The training I received this weekend was the best training I've ever received. I arrived very nervous—what am I doing here? Now I'm leaving knowing that the youth from my church will be receiving excellent information—and I can do this!" (Our Whole Lives Facilitator)