Towards Creating a Sustainable Life, a Sustainable Congregation, a Sustainable Future

Lori K Myren-Manbeck, Myron Lowe, and Toya Lopez

The goals of this workshop are to define the breadth and depth of sustainability; create a simple framework for understanding how to incorporate sustainability into daily life; explore panelists' BIPOC and youth perspectives; and provide simple tips anyone can follow to move themselves and their congregations onto a more sustainable path.

We start by defining sustainability and briefly exploring how living a sustainable life is intimately linked to our faith. We then move on to discuss the intersection of racial justice and environmental justice . We end with examples of specific strategies participants can use to live a more sustainable personal life; with plans they can begin to implement in their faith communities; and with the understanding that they are the solution to environmental and social injustice and inequity.

We see the workshop as an invigorating and hopeful call to action. Participants will feel powerful and inspired, understanding that, while there are clear challenges, there are also strategies they can use today to inspire positive change.

We focus on individual and group responsibility, bringing every member of your congregation onboard and creating a positive, supportive atmosphere where each effort is celebrated. It is our hope that participants will leave the workshop understanding that living a more sustainable life is part of the fabric of their faith.

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