"You Believe What?!" Conspiracies and Cults Intro and Practical Guide

Rev. Allysa De Wolf

QAnon, NXIVM, Anti-Vaxxers, Scientologists, Flat Earthers, Quiverfull Movement Followers...the list goes on. Have you ever wondered why people believe what they do despite evidence against those ideas, or wonder why folks would join harmful sects/movements/cults? We will deep dive into the why, how, and what you can do to help those affected. Rev. Allysa De Wolf is the great granddaughter of the creator of a major cult. Her upbringing and academic studies have given her a unique insight into how cults and conspiracy theories work and why people are attracted to them. We will demystify and de-stigmatize those who are great candidates and members of these sectarian groups. We will be discussing the different dynamics of race, gender, and sexuality that influence or change the way these groups behave. CONTENT WARNING: This conversation will include topics of several forms of abuse and violence.

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