Empowered Ministry of the Laity in Times of Congregational Transitions

Mr. Roberto Ochoa and Ms. Raechelle Peregrino Ferrell

The pandemic of Covid-19 exacerbated the challenges of vulnerable congregations discerning their future and highlighted the trend of decreasing church membership and resources for pastoral leadership. In the United Church of Christ, it is the congregational membership who discerns and decides it's future during congregational transitions. 

What leadership development resources are available for the laity to respond to times of congregational leadership? What is the role of the laity in the absence of ordained pastoral presence? What is meant by an "Empowered Ministry of the Laity"?

Come, listen and learn as we hear from congregational lay leaders share their experiences and from UCC Conferences and ecumenical partners that offer institutions and resources for congregational lay leadership development.

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