Community Safety for All: White Congregations Engaging in Abolition Work

Rev. Anne Dunlap and Nichola Torbett

The uprisings for Black life in the summer of 2020, with their insistence on defunding the police, broke open new possibilities for abolition work in general and abolishing police in particular.  For white Christians, we can engage in this call to action by ending our reliance on policing as congregations, and building alternatives for community safety, crisis response, and conflict resolution instead.

This workshop, intended for people who serve or attend predominantly white churches, will cover the imperative for white congregations to stop relying on police and develop alternatives that increase safety for all community members. It will also serve as an introduction to the SURJ-Faith Community Safety for All Congregational Action Toolkit and provide answers to practical questions about how we “defund” police in our church contexts.

The toolkit is designed for predominantly white faith/spiritual communities and institutions ready to take action to stop relying on police and build alternatives.  It includes a 4-movement model SURJ-Faith developed to support your congregation in moving to action, including assessment tools, political education suggestions, action ideas, and support options.

Learn more about the Community Safety for All Toolkit here:

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